In the beginning, there was a visit…

Big things begin with small gestures. When Dudi Whiteman decided to visit his relative in the hospital five years ago, he had no way of knowing that this single emotional visit will lead to a vast chessed empire that will bring light and joy to thousands of patients and their families.

Belev Echad

But life takes us to the most unexpected places, and this one visit led to many more. An emotional Group of Singers at the bedsides of lonely patients. A joyful visit to the home of a suffering child. A Bar/Bat Mitzvah party for a sick boy. A fun day for the families.


One person brings his friend, one smile brings another. It all happens on the move, as reality creates actions.

And now, this is where we are.

With time, the blessed activities slowly solidified into a structured organization – “Belev Echad.”


Our lives are now surrounded with helping and strengthening the lives of the many pure souls lying ill in gloomy hospital rooms and special institutions all across the country.

And we do it!

The organization’s annual activity statistics reveal thousands of joy-filled visits, dozens of events participated in by leading artists, bar mitzvah events for sick children, vacations for patients and their families, seminars and fun days – and counting.


Our scope of activity is constantly growing, like a plant budding and flourishing in every possible direction.

All you do is just light your candles and ask the Almighty for all your Blessings.

We will email you a receipt with blessings every time you light your candles.


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